13.  Op berge en in dale

Composer: C. van der Pauw

Writer: C. van der Pauw

Op berge en in dale, en oral is my God

Waar ons ook telke male mag swerwe, daar is God.

Waar ons gedagtes swewe of styg, ook daar is God.

Omlaag en hoog verhewe, ja, oral is my God!

Sy troue Vaderoë sien alles van naby.

Ons steun op Sy vermoë, word deur SY Gees gelei.

Die swaeltjies behoed Hy, beklee met gras die dal.

Die kleinste wurmpie voed Hy, sorg vir die groot heelal!

13.  On mountains and in dales

-  English Translation

On mountains and in dales

Yes, everywhere my God is.

Where we time and again may wander, there God is.

Where our thoughts fly or rise, there God is also.

Low and high, my God is everywhere!

His faithful Father’s eyes see everything from nearby.

We rely on His ability, are led by His Spirit.

He guards the swallows, covers the dale with grass.

He feeds the smallest worm, provides for the whole universe!

Translated  by G. Coetzee

Copyright ©  2010 Gretel Coetzee



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