• Gretel Coetzee

    ''Music finds its way where the rays of the sun cannot penetrate'' - Kierkegaard
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Soprano, Voice Teacher, Educator

Gretel Coetzee is equally at home singing Schubert, Bach or Puccini. She was born in South Africa, but since 2002 she has made beautiful Namibia her home. Frequent collaboration with artists from South Africa and Europe inspires her to continue exposing young people to the wonders of singing and music. 

Wiegenlied Op. 98 no. 2
Composer: Frans Schubert
Writer: M. Claudius

Schlafe, holder, süßer Knabe,
Leise wiegt dich deiner Mutter Hand;
Sanfte Ruhe, milde Labe
Bringt dir schwebend dieses Wiegenband.

Schlafe in dem süßen Grabe,
Noch beschützt dich deiner Mutter Arm,
Alle Wünsche, alle Habe
Faßt sie lieben, alle liebwarm.

Schlafe in der Flaumen Schoße,
Noch umtönt dich lauter Liebeston,
Eine Lilie, eine Rose,
Nach dem Schlafe werd' sie dir zum Lohn

Wiegenlied (Cradle Song) Op. 98 no. 2
English Translation

Sleep, sleep, dear sweet boy
To the gentle rocking of your mother's hand;
Peaceful sleep, sweet refreshment
Comes floating in the swinging cradle.

Sleep, sleep in your sweet berth,
Still protected by your mother's arm,
All wishes are held safely
And lovingly by her warm love.

Sleep, sleep, in that downy embrace,
Still you are enfolded by a pure, loving tone.
A lily and a rose,
After slumber they will be your prize.

Translated by G. Coetzee
Copyright © 2010 Gretel Coetzee