• Gretel Coetzee

    ''Music finds its way where the rays of the sun cannot penetrate'' - Kierkegaard
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Soprano, Voice Teacher, Educator

Gretel Coetzee is equally at home singing Schubert, Bach or Puccini. She was born in South Africa, but since 2002 she has made beautiful Namibia her home. Frequent collaboration with artists from South Africa and Europe inspires her to continue exposing young people to the wonders of singing and music. 

Mariä Wiegenlied Op. 76 no. 52
Composer: Max Reger
Writer: Martin Boelitz

Maria sitzt im Rosenhag
Und wiegt ihr Jesuskind,
Durch die Blätter leise
Weht der warme Sommerwind.

Zu ihren Füßen singt
Ein buntes Vögelein:
Schlaf, Kindlein, süße,
Schlaf nun ein!

Hold ist dein Lächeln,
Holder deines Schlummers Lust,
Leg dein müdes Köpfchen
Fest an deiner Mutter Brust!
Schlaf, Kindlein, süße,
Schlaf nun ein!

Mariä Wiegenlied (Mary's Lullaby) Op. 76 no. 52
English Translation

Mary sits in the rose grove
and rocks her child Jesus,
softly through the leaves
blows a warm summer wind.

At her feet sings
a colourful little bird:
Sleep, child, my sweet,
just go to sleep!

Lovely is your smile,
lovely is your joy in slumber,
lay your tired little head
against your mother's breast!
Sleep, child, my sweet,
just go to sleep!

Translated by G. Coetzee
Copyright © 2010 Gretel Coetzee